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Mayor Dr. Viola Hahn

Mayor Dr. Viola Hahn Mayor Dr. Viola Hahn On May 6, 2012, Dr. Viola Hahn won the election for mayor in Gera making her the the first woman to hold this office in the city’s 775 year history. The non-partison candidate began her term on July 1, 2012.

Dr. Viola Hahn was born in Gera on May 4, 1956. Her father was a self-employed painter assisted by her mother. Dr. Hahn received her Abitur at what is today the Goethegymnasium/Rutheneum. She studied economic sciences in Leipzig.

Dr. Hahn has always resided in her home town. She married in Gera in 1977. It is here that her son was born, baptized, confirmed, and received his Abitur. He is now married, has a daughter, and Dr. Hahn is a proud grandmother.

Her choice of profession brought Dr. Hahn firmly back to her home town in 1978. At first she worked in the agriculture data processing center, and later in the business management sector of the county council’s Agency for the Agriculture and Food Industry.

Following the reunification, she became very interested in the tax system and began working at a large tax consultancy, attended numerous seminars on tax laws in Bavaria, and helped established a law office in Gera.

When she received the offer to work at the Internal Revenue Office in Gera in the tax office for corporations in 1990, she readily agreed to the challenge. At first, she was head of the department, and later became permanent representative to the director. For eight years, she was head of the Internal Revenue Service in the City of Greiz. Following this she became head of the Internal Revenue Service in Jena.

Four years ago, she took on the same occupation in Gera, thus becoming head of the largest Internal Revenue Service in the State of Thuringia.

Dr. Hahn’s credo is: “Gera is my true home. That is why I would like to do a great deal here and support the interests of the citizens of this city. However, this is not about party interests or special interests, but rather those of the community.”

For over 20 years, Dr. Hahn has done voluntary work in the area of social services for the city at the Gera Rotary Club. She initiated the “European Cultural Dialogue” in Gera, which invites renowned public figures from political, managerial, and societal arenas, and is well known in Thuringia and beyond for its intensive social discourse.

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