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Social Affairs | Housing

Gera is a beautiful place to live

Social and future-oriented – this is the way Gera sees itself: a well-balanced structure of medical and also social institutes and services is an important element of that image. There are enough children’s facilities, retirement- and nursing homes, assisted-living facilities as well as homes suited to seniors’ requirements available. Ambulatory care, day-care for seniors and early-childhood intervention for disabled children are guaranteed in high quality. The many self-help associations are cared for and promoted by a contact office. The elderly are very well integrated in social life and also the socially weak are supported by Gera in regards to housing, counselling and prevention.

We want everybody who lives here to be comfortable in their own four walls. During the recent years, many of Gera’s buildings have been renovated and modernised: the old city centre was re-structured to be modern, friendly and attractive, the Plattenbau areas (large pre-fabricated concrete-slabs buildings typical for East Germany) turned into beautiful residential districts with the support of so-called pilot projects in Gera. Those buildings now have individual living spaces in a comfortable atmosphere – and they’re affordable. Their residential quality also involves lush green spaces, attractive shopping centres as well as social institutes.

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