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Petra Raßmann
Department 1200 Business

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Industry Sectors

The existing cooperation network of business and science predetermines the city of Gera to invest primarily in the auto-parts supply industry, environmental technology, mechanical engineering and optical industry.

The roots of vehicle engineering in Gera date back to the 1840s whereas today, the supply of car accessories for the nearby automotive-industry sites in West Sachsen and Thüringen is of vital importance. With Opel in Eisenach, MCD Power in Kölleda, BMW and Porsche in Leipzig, VW in Dresden, Zwickau and Chemnitz, MZ in Zschopau and Neoplan in Plauen, the supply industry in Gera has a market potential which is enormous.
Optics and precision engineering have been emerging in Gera since the 1930s. At that time, major companies like the Carl Zeiss company in Thüringen developed new branches and after the social upheaval, the industrial park Keplerstraße emerged on their site. Their technology- and start-up centre offers ideal starting positions for innovative business start-ups. Gera’s products enjoy a favourable global reputation. One example is the worldwide unique laser-display technology which was developed by a group led by scientist Dr. Christhard Deter. Gera is a member of Opto-Net e.V., a competence network that promotes the potentials of the cities Erfurt, Jena and Ilmenau.

Mechanical engineering in Gera has had a tradition for more than 160 years. It could evolve with the help of the mechanisation of the textile industry and textile technology traditionally located in Gera. Today, this tradition finds continuation in a number of small and medium-sized companies. They have the city’s highest numbers of employees in one sector. One reason for this development is the proximity to the mechanical-engineering regions Chemnitz/Zwickau and Ilmenau, and another is its enormous potential thanks to the well-trained technicians, master craftsmen and engineers.
Not only the conventional sectors, but also the sectors of environmental technology and renewable energies keep gaining importance. The market for innovative technologies is becoming more interesting, especially in the context of the revitalisation of the post-mining landscape of uranium-ore mining in the region East Thüringen/West Sachsen.

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