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Petra Raßmann
Department 1200 Business

Tel. +49 (0)365/838 1210
Fax +49 (0)365/838 1205

Office hours:
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Pilots for your company

Just one personal contact point – that is the main principle of the Otto-Dix City Gera for offering services to local companies and potential investors. In future, every entrepreneur will be assigned a “pilot“ as a personal contact person from the Department of Economic Promotion/Urban Development. This pilot-concept aims to assist companies in case they face any difficulties. Working closely with company representatives, the pilots are determined to reveal a company’s desires and visions, and to find according approaches. So, at the entrepreneur’s convenience, the pilots manage all co-ordination in the city council and in this way allow the businesses to focus on their core activities.

It is the pilot’s task to make every effort supporting the companies that are already based in Gera and stay in contact constantly. At the start in June 2009, six pilots began their work and the pilot-concept had been implemented successively since then. Organisations and companies with more than 30 employees were the first to benefit from the new system. The systems implementation was complete by the end of 2009 so that every company was assigned to a personal contact person.
Not only piloting business locations and company start-ups, and marketing local business parks are among the Economic Promotion department’s tasks, but also exploiting the potential of labour and employment markets, managing network activities, acting as agents for partners in cooperation, arranging events, attending fairs and, last but not least, taking care of the city management.

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