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Petra Raßmann
Department 1200 Business

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Deciding for Gera as your headquarter is the right choice!

Until 1990, Gera was the major industrial location for the sectors textile machinery, textile manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, precision and optical engineering. Today, Gera’s economy mainly focuses on the services sector, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the optical industry and environmental technology.

Home to 102,000 inhabitants, Gera is a regional centre in East Thüringen. Approximately 450,000 people live in the catchment area.

Gera is only 20 kilometres away from Hermdorfer Kreuz (motorway junction Hermsdorf), which is the intersection of the transport axes A9 Berlin–Munich and A4 Dresden–Frankfurt, and has an airfield in the city district Leumnitz. Several industrial locations and scientific centres like Erfurt, Weimar, Ilmenau, Jena, Leipzig, Halle and Chemnitz are located within 100 kilometres of Gera.

The city has a profound innovative technological potential capable of development with highly qualified and motivated employees. More than 40 modern technology-oriented companies –from the sectors medical engineering, microelectronics, software development, optical engineering and RFID and others– have settled in the area. Surely, this is due to the profitable labour costs, convenient property and real estate prices as well as the low costs of supply and for disposal.

In 2007, Germany’s famous horticulture show, the Bundesgartenschau, alone was an engine for economic growth with a volume of investment worth more than 100 million Euros. With the European urban development programme called URBAN II, an additional 20 million Euros were invested in 30 projects from the sectors urban planning, economical and social affairs.

Find out more about our terms for locations and the possibilities relevant to your business sector in the city of Gera!

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