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Twin towns

Co-operation based on partnership, a friendship between nations, can only establish if people know each other very well. Meetings of government representatives do not suffice, but we have to work on mutual projects, find solutions together, and take on challenges as a team. Goethe once wrote to his fellow poet Herder: “The most certain means to foster and keep a cordial relationship is, as I see it, to communicate one’s actions to one another. This is crucial if we want to avoid and antagonise xenophobia and intolerance.“

The vibrant development of our international contacts wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of the individuals in the towns, cities and communities, in the boards, associations, companies, in the youth-exchange organisations, in sports and humanitarian organisations.

The city of Gera has partner relations with 12 national and international cities. With 11 of these cities we have modern partnership agreements adapted to present conditions.

Gera’s city administration has promoted, intensified and established its international relations over the last years. Together, we have been working on numerous projects, such as joint events and relief work. Countless hearty and amicable contacts in all areas of community life have been established as benefits for everybody.

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