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A cooperative partnership, a friendship between nations is really only possible if people become acquainted with each other on all levels. It is not enough that government representatives come together. There must be joint projects, common solutions to problems, and challenges must be faced together. Goethe once wrote to Herder: “The best way to care for and maintain a friendly relationship, I find, is to alternately inform one another of what one is doing. This helps to prevent and fight xenophobia and intolerance.”

The lively development of international contacts would be unthinkable without the engagement of the participants in the cities, communities, chambers, associations, businesses, and those in youth exchange, sport, and humanitarian organizations.

The City of Gera has a partner relationship with a total of twelve cities - national and international. Partnership contracts which were made to conform predominately to present conditions exist with eleven of these cities.

In recent years, the city administration has developed, intensified and expanded international relationships. Numerous projects with partner cities were carried out including meetings, joint events, and relief work. Countless friendly contacts in the many different areas of community life have developed to the benefit of all the cities.

Fort Wayne (U.S.A) Saint-Denis (Frankreich) Arnhem (Niederlande) Nürnberg (Deutschland) Plzen (Tschechische Republik) Pskow (Russland) Skierniewice (Polen) Timisoara (Rumänien) Sliven (Bulgarien) Goražde (Bosnien - Herzegowina) Kuopio (Finnland) Rostow am Don (Russland)


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