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The City of Gera is a public corporation.
It is represented by the Lord Mayor Julian Vonarb.

Copyright protection:
For copyright reasons, the publication of images always requires the permission of the respective agency or photographer.

This website has been compiled with the greatest possible care.
Nevertheless, no guarantee can be given for the correctness and accuracy of the information contained. Any liability for damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this website is excluded, unless caused by intent or gross negligence.

External links:
The Regional Court of Hamburg has ruled that by providing a link, one may also be responsible for the content of the linked page. According to the Regional Court, this can only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents.
Insofar as external links, i.e. links that do not lead to pages at "www.gera.de" are used in this Internet offer, we expressly exclude any responsibility for the contents or for the data protection policy of the external resources. Should you be of the opinion that the linked external pages violate applicable law, please inform us.

The protection of personal data is an important concern for us. Therefore, we operate our Internet portal in accordance with the applicable laws on data protection and data security. (You can find comprehensive information about the legal regulations at www.datenschutz.de).

Personal data is only used for processing the transaction. No data is passed on to third parties or transferred to other (public or non-public) bodies.

Electronic Communication / Opening of Electronic Access
In accordance with § 2 of the Act on the Promotion of Electronic Administration (E-Government Act -EGovG) of 25.07.2013 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2749) in conjunction with § 3a of the Thuringian Administrative Procedure Act (ThürVwVfG) in the version of the announcement of 01.12.2014 (GVBl. p. 685), the options for the transmission of electronic documents by citizens and companies to the Gera City Administration are announced below.

1. De-Mail with sender confirmation (legally binding)
The transmission of electronic documents requiring a handwritten signature is possible by means of De-Mail with sender confirmation within the meaning of § 5 paragraph 5 of the De-Mail Act. The De-Mail addresses published on www.gera.de apply.

The central De-Mail entry address of the Gera city administration is: info@gera.de-mail.de

2. E-mail (not legally binding)

Electronic documents that do not require a handwritten signature may be sent by e-mail. The e-mail addresses published on www.gera.de apply. Legally binding access is expressly not opened for all e-mail addresses of the City of Gera. Qualified electronically signed files are not permitted by e-mail.

For the electronic communication options No. 1 and 2, file sizes up to a maximum of 50 MB and the following file formats are permitted:

  • Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf)
  • Text files (*.rtf, *.txt)
  • Microsoft Word (*.docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (*.pptx)
  • Images (*.jpg, *.gif, *.tiff, *.png)
  • Compressed files (* .zip)
  • Other file formats and file sizes over 50 MB are only permitted with explicit consent.

Excluded are potentially dangerous files such as self-extracting archives, encrypted or password-protected files, files with active functions (macro), etc.

If you use this access opening, you agree that your documents will be checked for viruses and spam. Documents that have been classified as viruses or spam will be deleted and will not be processed further. Since the sender addresses in documents containing computer viruses or spam have usually been falsified, no electronic feedback will be sent.

If electronic communication has been opened, the Gera municipality assumes that all communication can take place in this way, insofar as other regulations, in particular data protection concerns, do not conflict with this.

If you do not wish this to happen, please indicate this in your request.
Since De-Mails are sent in encrypted form by the De-Mail providers, they are also suitable for messages that do not require the written form but may contain sensitive information. A simple De-Mail without sender confirmation and login with a simple authentication level is sufficient for this purpose.

Mayor of the City of Gera:

Julian Vonarb
Kornmarkt 12
07545 Gera
Fon: 0365 838 1006
E-Mail: oberbuergermeister@gera.de


City of Gera
Communication, Press and Public Relations
Kornmarkt 12
07545 Gera
Fon: 0365 8 38 1020
URL: www.gera.de
E-Mail: kommunikation@gera.de

Data Protection Officer:

City of Gera
Data Protection Officer
Kornmarkt 12
07545 Gera
Fon: 0365 838 1352
E-Mail: datenschutz@gera.de

Concept, design, programming:

next.motion OHG
Gagarinstraße 92
07545 Gera