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District offices

District office Bieblach

The Bieblach district office has been run by OTEGAU Arbeitsförder- und Berufsbildungszentrum GmbH since May 2022 and is managed on the basis of the federal-state program for urban development.

Das Stadtteilbüro Bieblach in der Leuchtenburgstraße 10.
Das Stadtteilbüro Bieblach in der Leuchtenburgstraße 10.

Cooperation with residents, housing companies and the city is an important concern of the district office. The district office sees itself as a point of contact for all citizens and institutions in the residential area and accepts criticism and requests on the subject of "Living and living in Bieblach".

The district office organizes regular cultural events in the district.

Opening of the district office in July 2022


  • Contact person for the concerns and interests of citizens and network partners in Bieblach
  • Passing on information about activities in the district
  • Mediator between residents and municipal institutions
  • Improve the participation of citizens in the social area and strengthen neighborly coexistence
  • Activation for projects and ideas


  • Initiation of projects in the district
  • Moderation between citizens and administration
  • Public relations and image cultivation
  • Networking, district committees
  • District walks
  • Providing information on urban development projects and ideas



  • Bieblach action fund Projects by citizens for citizens
  • Editing and publishing the district newspaper
  • Spring cleaning
  • Colorful Easter hustle and bustle
  • Environmental festival
  • Week of the generations
  • Children's Day
  • Citizens' park planting
Logo des Stadtteilbüro Bieblach
Logo des Stadtteilbüro Bieblach

The district Bieblach

The prefabricated housing estate in Bieblach-Ost, which was built in the 1980s, has grown characteristically and historically. It consists of six to ten-storey apartment blocks, as well as three-storey housing estates built in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Bieblacher Hang area consists of a six-storey development on the northern edge, an owner-occupied housing estate, villas and eleven-storey buildings. Numerous green spaces run through the entire social area.
The district currently has 10,804 inhabitants (as of 31.12.2021). Of these, 1,199 citizens with a migration background live in the social area. In the Bieblach-Ost district, this is concentrated to the extent that every 5th resident has a different country of origin.
Both areas have a particular need for development, which is reflected in the concentration or overlapping of social, economic, urban development and environmental problems. These problems must continue to be addressed in the work of the district management and solutions must be found together with the residents, especially for conflictual circumstances.

Gebäude am Bieblacher Hang
Gebäude am Bieblacher Hang

How the district office in Bieblach works

Based on the previous work of the district office under the auspices of GWB Elstertal, familiar event formats will be retained, adopted and supplemented with new ones. Participation in well-known events such as the International Week against Racism, the Intercultural Week, the Week of Generations and the Mental and Mental Health Week will continue to be carried out by the district office in the future.

In addition, various campaigns take place regularly and receive active support:

  • Annual spring clean in April with active participation from various Bieblach clubs and institutions
  • Easter hustle and bustle in the "Grüne Mulde"
  • Children's festival on June 1 in cooperation with the Bieblach daycare centers Bummi, Mosaik and the youth club CM
  • Environmental festival for and with Bieblach residents and network partners
  • Citizens' park planting

There is also close and productive cooperation with well-known projects, sponsors, the police (community officer) and associations. Thanks to OTEGAU's previous projects in Bieblach, many contacts in the district are known. Among the projects sponsored by OTEGAU are ThINKA and Stadtteilaktivteam. The district mothers' project will be firmly anchored as a new project in the work of the district manager.

Insights into the Bieblach district

Contact person

district office Bieblach

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