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Your City Gera 2035

What does the future of Gera's city center look like? The answer to this question is to be provided by a new city center concept, which is to be developed over the next two years as part of the "Sustainable inner cities and centers" funding program.

Die Schlossstraße

A total of around 1.8 million euros is available to the city in this program, with the city receiving financial support from federal funds amounting to around 1.63 million euros. The "Sustainable inner cities and centers" funding program is primarily conceptual in nature: The aim is to develop innovative action strategies that help cities and municipalities to overcome acute or structural problems such as the desolation of city centers. In future, an attractive city center is to be measured more by its quality of experience and recreation and positioned as a multifunctional place.

The city of Gera will initially concentrate on two major tasks: The first step is to create a basic concept. With the help of inventory analyses, the question of which forms of use Gera's city center is aiming for in the future will be answered in order to be fit for the future. At the same time, measures and action packages are to be identified that can actually be implemented in the short, medium and long term. "It's not about developing a fictitious concept that then disappears into a drawer, but rather about providing a feasible kit that can, for example, mitigate the already visible consequences of the pandemic and the up-and-coming online trade and eliminate them in the long term," added Dr. Thomas Prill, Head of the Urban Planning Office.

"The fact that Gera is one of the cities and municipalities that qualified for funding out of all the applicants shows that our 'Deine City Gera 2035' project design has the potential to develop into a key concept for the future of our city center."

The second major task will be to initiate an urban development management team that will oversee and coordinate the development of the city centre concept and carry out the necessary consultations. This also includes the creation of more detailed sub-concepts, expert opinions and consulting services as well as the commissioning of feasibility studies. The urban development manager is responsible for the strategic measures in the course of the project and is also the cooperation partner of the city manager, who will be responsible for the operational measures. He will serve as an interface to tradespeople, landlords and residents in order to involve them in the project in a targeted manner and create stronger communication and cooperation structures. As a central point of contact, both managers will share a space in the center of Gera, if possible, which will be accessible to all citizens for active participation through fixed opening hours.

In addition to the conceptual aspects, a number of immediate measures are also to be implemented as part of the funding program, which are primarily intended to enhance Gera's city centre as a place to spend time. The relevant locations and measures are currently being examined and coordinated by the relevant specialist departments.

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