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Districts of the city Gera

District Hermsdorf

Data and facts

Name of the districtHermsdorf
with the localities:
District of the city of Gera since:01.04.1994
Surface area:260 ha
Population: (as at: 31.12.2022)493

District mayor and district council

District mayor:Janko, Harald
Members of the district council:Leykauf, Alexandra
Mengs, Mike
Roland, Sebastian
Schlestein, Judith
Schmidt-Kästner, Kerstin
Stolle, Kathrin
District office:Hermsdorf 23
07554 Gera
Phone: 0152 / 587 597 34
E-Mail: otbm-gerahermsdorf@gmx.de
Office hours:by telephone agreement

Location and transport connections

LocationHermsdorf is located on the northernmost edge of the city of Gera and on the border between Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia near the B 2 federal highway to Zeitz and Leipzig. The plateau on which Hermsdorf is located is predominantly characterized by agricultural land. The established village of Hermsdorf is seamlessly connected to the municipality of Heuckewalde, which belongs to Saxony-Anhalt. A special feature of the location is that two houses are located on Saxony-Anhalt territory, but have their entrance in Thuringia.
Utilization:The existing, established village location has a strong rural character and reflects the historical combination of agricultural and residential use in terms of design. A residential area with 155 building plots has been created on the edge of the village. The arable land is farmed by the Cretzschwitz agricultural cooperative and resettlers. The Hermsdorf "Am Vogelherd" industrial and commercial area is located directly on the B2. This is immediately followed by the newly developed "Cretzschwitz industrial estate".
Landscape and site design:The eastern part of Hermsdorf is a morphologically varied area. Fields and meadows dominate the landscape, while the street structure is characterized by a village feel. The residential area "Am Hermsdorfer Anger" determines the development structure of the district.
Transport connections:Hermsdorf can be reached via the B 2, internal access is via local roads. Hermsdorf can be reached by public transport via bus lines 229 or 208 of Regionalverkehrs Gera/Land GmbH from the "Duale Hochschule" transfer point.


History of Hermsdorf

(Authors: Mrs. B. Schmidt (†), former district mayor) Additions by Mr. H. Janko (district mayor)

The village was first mentioned in documents in 1364 as Herbrandesdorf, in 1533 as Hermersdorf, in 1564 as Hernsdorf and from 1664 as Hermsdorf. It lies on a gentle plateau hollow surrounded by flat hills at the source of the small Schnauder river.

Hermsdorf is one of the many places in Germany with the same name (in the Federal Republic of Germany alone, the place name appears 15 times) and appears to be of German origin.

Like Giebelroth in Saxony-Anhalt, Hermsdorf has always belonged to the parish of Heuckewalde. Then as now, the bereaved were buried in the Heuckewalde cemetery.

From 1750 to 1970, children from Hermsdorf attended the school and kindergarten in Heuckewalde. The kindergarten was rebuilt and extended in 1970.

In 1922, a war memorial for the fallen of the First World War was erected in Hermsdorf together with Heuckewalde. The then small communities suffered the loss of 35 war victims.

In 1995, the village of Hermsdorf and the municipality of Heuckewalde launched a fundraising campaign for a memorial plaque to the victims of the Second World War (49 war victims). Thanks to the generosity of the citizens, the memorial was restored and a memorial plaque was erected. On

May 7, 1995, the memorial plaque was ceremoniously inaugurated.

Luftbildaufnahme des Wohngebietes "Am Anger" in Hermsdorf
Kriegerdenkmal in Hermsdorf

The volunteer fire department was founded in Hermsdorf in 1934. It was and still is very active and contributes a great deal to the social life of the district.

Due to the constant rainfall of liquid manure, the domestic wells could no longer be used.
In 1985, the citizens built a water pipe through the village in an NAW operation and were thus able to connect to the central water supply.
Before 1990, Hermsdorf was mainly used for agriculture, and there were still a few craft businesses and mobile traders.
Much has changed in the district since 1990. For example, the access road from the B2 to the village and the road from the village to the 4 estate houses have been completely upgraded.
On November 6, 1993, the ground-breaking ceremony for the "Am Vogelherd" industrial estate took place. It covers 30 hectares and is located directly on the B2.
1993 saw the start of construction of the fully biological sewage treatment plant, which was built jointly with the neighboring municipality of Heuckewalde. It was completed in 1994.
On November 12, 1994, the development of the residential area "Am Hermsdorfer Anger" began. Apart from a few building plots, the residential area has been built on and the "new residents" have settled in well.
Thanks to the interest-free loan from the ABM program, the former community hall was repaired. New windows were installed, the roof was re-roofed and the exterior plaster was renewed.

After the Hermsdorf fire department association was founded, the former village community center, which was built from a chicken coop in 1984, was taken over and renovated by the fire department association.
With the incorporation into the city of Gera, Hermsdorf also received a direct bus connection. The village can be reached via bus routes 229 and 208. To our delight, a passenger shelter was also installed. Since 2002, the bus route has been extended so that there is now a connection to Zeitz several times a day.
There is a lively village life in Hermsdorf, with a children's carnival, maypole planting, village and children's festivals, the St. Martin's procession and a pensioners' Christmas party taking place every year.
In 2014, Hermsdorf celebrated the "650 years of Hermsdorf" anniversary. In this context, a memorial stone was erected at the traffic circle. This memorial stone was supplemented in 2021 by an information board with historical information.

School / daycare center / leisure facilities

Children's facility:Haus der Zwerge in Heuckewalde
Träger: Verbandsgemeinde Droyßiger - Zeitzer Forst
School:School locations are located in the city of Gera
Children's and youth facilities:
Sports fields/playgrounds/recreational facilities:Recreational area "Am Hermsdorfer Anger"
Clubhouse of the Hermsdorf Fire Brigade Association
Worth seeing:Memorial in honor of the fallen of the I. and II. World War
Clubs:Feuerwehrverein Hermsdorf e.V.
Church / cemetery:Hermsdorf forms a joint parish with the neighboring parish of Heuckewalde; the church and cemetery are located in Heuckewalde