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Legal office

Law and procurement

Central awarding and submission office

As an independent organizational unit, the Central Procurement and Submission Office has the task of standardizing the procurement process for the city of Gera and bundling procurement law expertise. This applies equally to the awarding of construction contracts and the procurement of services and supplies. Through the strict organizational and personnel separation of the procuring department and the tendering department, the City of Gera ensures transparency, fairness and equal opportunities in competition while consistently complying with public procurement regulations, thereby also making an important contribution to the prevention of corruption.

The main tasks of the procurement office include

  • Carrying out all tendering and award procedures with a contract value of EUR 10,000 net or more
  • Publication of contract notices in the relevant publication media
  • Electronic and conventional dispatch of tender documents
  • Processing of bidder inquiries in the award procedure
  • Carrying out the submissions/opening of tenders
  • Formal and mathematical examination of bids after submission
  • Assessment of pending award decisions under public procurement law
  • Supporting the city council's audit and procurement committee
  • Processing of complaints, objections and other procurement complaints as well as review proceedings before the Thuringia Public Procurement Chamber
  • Advice on public procurement law, training and support for the administration
  • Administration and management of the electronic procurement platform
  • Submission of DESTATIS reports to the Federal Statistical Office

Central awarding and submission office

Legal office

OfficeKornmarkt 12
07545 Gera
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