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Office for Central Control

Statistics and geoinformation

The Statistics and Geoinformation department deals with figures, data and facts.

  • They are the planning basis for the administration.
  • They form the basis for decision-making in local politics.
  • They form the basis of economically relevant options for action for companies based in Gera or considering Gera for investment.
  • They substantiate arguments in the work of people who work in science, students or pupils who deal with the city of Gera.
  • They also form the basis for decisions on building a house or buying a home.

The thematic focus of the statistics is on data on the population, including households, their structure and development, housing and building stock, the labor market and the social and cultural sector. The city of Gera's GeoPortal uses maps of the city area to show a wide range of categories. These include, for example, locations of health and social care facilities, places of interest to tourists, maps with data on geology, climate and topography as well as current and historical aerial photographs. 

In addition to the material that you can find in the downloads or in the GeoPortal, additional data is available to interested parties if required, structured according to factual, spatial and/or temporal aspects. Please send your request to statistik@gera.de.

Office for Central Control

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Statistics and Geoinformation Department

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