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Civil engineering and traffic office

Building yard

Road maintenance

  • Surface post-treatment/external services
  • Crack repairs
  • Temporary pothole patching/patch work
  • Milling work/surface renovation/external services
  • Repair of foundation cracks/elimination of accident hazards
  • Inlet repairs and inlet cleaning
  • verges and ditch clearing

Traffic engineering

  • Delineator/guidepost washing
    Marking work
    Guardrail construction
    Traffic signs/beacons/bollards/road signs

Winter service

Straße wird geteert
Straße wird asphaltiert

Building yard of the city of Gera

OfficeOtto-Schott Straße 5
07552 Gera
Head of OfficeJustus Sieper
Barrier-free accessNo

Construction yard

Tel.0365 437 - 1410

Contact persons

Mr. Mario Ruppe