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Civil engineering and traffic office

City technology

Tasks of the urban technology department

  • New construction, operation and maintenance of traffic signal systems and street lighting
  • New construction, maintenance and monitoring of parking ticket machines
  • Expansion and operation of the municipal data network
  • Construction, maintenance and servicing of drainage systems used exclusively for street drainage, e.g. pumps, separators, rainwater clarifiers

Line information

Line information must be obtained from all utility and telecommunications companies that own and manage lines in the city of Gera. Private lines that are not used for public supply and disposal can be laid in the public road space after a "Permission contract for private lines in public traffic areas" has been concluded for a fee. However, private installations can only be laid if the facilities of the public utility companies are not impaired. An informal application accompanied by an informative site plan is required to draw up a permit agreement.

Civil engineering and traffic office

OfficeErnst-Toller-Straße 15
07545 Gera
Postal addressErnst-Toller-Straße 15
07545 Gera
Head of OfficeRico Oßmann
Barrier-free accessYes

Urban Engineering Department

Tel.0365 838 - 4760
Fax0365 838 - 4705