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Public order office

Central fines office

The Central Fines Office carries out procedures for the prosecution and punishment of administrative offenses throughout the city administration. It is responsible for processing all fines from the area of responsibility of the Gera city administration if a fine of 60.00 euros or more is to be imposed or warning fines for minor administrative offenses (up to 55.00 euros), which the individual offices offer themselves due to established administrative offenses, are not paid within a set period (usually one week).

The Central Fines Office conducts fine proceedings in the following areas in particular:

  • General administrative offenses
  • Road traffic offenses
  • Traffic offenses (stationary traffic / moving traffic)

However, the warning or fine is not a punishment. Rather, by imposing a warning or fine for "administrative disobedience", the persons affected by the fine proceedings are to be given a tangible reminder of their obligations to observe the requirements and prohibitions that were not complied with in future.
In the area of stopping and parking violations as well as speeding, the fines serve to maintain road safety.
The fine can also be used to offset any unlawful profit made as a result of the infringement. In addition to the main consequence of the fine, there may also be secondary consequences such as the confiscation of property.

Führerscheinstelle Gera
Führerscheinstelle Gera

Central fines office

OfficeHandwerkerhof 13
07548 Gera
Closing days19.05.2023, 30.10.2023
Barrier-free accessYes

Central fines office

Tel.0365 838 - 2430
Fax0365 838 - 2435
Opening hoursby appointment