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Residents' Registration Office

Name change authority

The name change authority carries out name changes under public law for surnames and first names in accordance with the Act on the Change of Surnames and First Names (NamÄndG).

The name change authority in whose district the applicant has his/her place of residence or, in the absence of a place of residence, has or last had his/her place of residence, has local jurisdiction. The form available from the name change authority must be used to apply for a change of name (first name or surname). This must be completed in full and submitted with the required documents and evidence. Every applicant over the age of 14 must apply in person.

Legal basis:
Name Change Act (NamÄndG)
Implementing Ordinance on the Change of Name (NamÄndDV)

Required documents:

  • Indication of the important reason justifying the change of name
  • Proof of citizenship by submitting the identity card or passport or by naturalization certificate
  • Certificate of registration for all persons included in the application (to be applied for at Stadtservice H35)
  • Certified copy of the birth entry (to be applied for at the birth registry office)
  • If the applicant was or is married: certified copy of the family register or marriage entry (to be applied for at the registry office)
  • Certificate of good conduct for applicants over 14 years of age (to be applied for at Stadtservice H35)
  • for applications for persons with limited legal capacity or legal incapacity by the guardian or the appointed guardian: authorization from the guardianship court
  • if name changes have already taken place: Notification of previous name changes and further documents in individual cases


Change of surnames:  2,50 EUR bis 1.050,00 EUR
Change of first names: 2,50 EUR bis 275,00 EUR

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