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Office for Health and Care

Principle, care and health promotion

Health promotion

  • Promoting the health of the population in Gera, taking into account health behavior and health conditions (social, economic and environmental conditions). Health is defined as physical, mental and social well-being.
  • Implementation of the health-related need for action through the planning, coordination, management and monitoring of projects in the field of health promotion
  • Formulating the need for health-related action in relation to equal health opportunities
  • Implementation of health reporting
  • Networking with regional and supra-regional players and networks from the health sector
  • Development of a prevention chain / integrated municipal overall strategy
  • Implementation of action days and development of publicity materials to increase the population's health awareness

Office for Health and Care

OfficeGagarinstraße 68
07545 Gera
Postal addressKornmarkt 12
07545 Gera
Head of OfficeMonique Heinze

Policy, Care and Health Promotion Department

Tel.0365 838 - 3500
Fax0365 838 - 3505