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Implementation phase 2022 - 2026

Digital city guidance system

Description of measures

Development of a digital-based information system with offers/orientation aids for locals and tourists.

Categories of information and services to be integrated:

  • Infrastructure (public toilets, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.)
  • Event information
  • (interactive) theme-specific walks/tours

The above-mentioned offers should be differentiated according to target group and combined in a "guidance system" using a combination of suitable media (e.g. displays via mobile devices (telephones), supplemented by stationary displays (information pillars in the city) with the existing and to be expanded geodata portal as a basis. Access via QR codes or beacons in each case.

Integration into the "Smart City App" being developed under measure #13 as a web-based application.

The measure manifests the further development of the relevant pilot project. In addition to the successes already visible and measurable there (QR codes for fairy tales set to music on fairy tale market figures at the Gera Christmas or "fairy tale market"), there are further synergies, e.g. easier/increased use of the existing (geo)data portal.

Das Logo von SMARTCity Gera.

Project budget

  • 350.000 EUR
    (Status 07.03.2024)

Profile of measures

Digital city guidance system