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Implementation phase 2022 - 2026

Energy and resource efficiency in the neighborhood

Description of measures

In general, the measure deals with the investigation and testing of new technical possibilities for the purpose of energy-efficient and smart neighborhood and real estate development.

Specifically - in cooperation between the city of Gera, TAG Wohnen and GIIZ (Gesellschaft für intelligente Infrastruktur Zwickau mbH) - a model project is to be created that depicts "intelligent power grids" on a "living object": The complexity of the dependencies between generation, storage and consumption is to be recorded and visualized; a smart and holistic control of the various technical and behavioural components with the aim of maximum/optimal energy efficiency is to be derived from this. The focus is on the (further) development of suitable and adaptable smart grid software.

As a basis for the survey/development/arrangement, the following components should (initially and among others) be considered:

  • Use of photovoltaics in the neighborhood, e.g. for (tenant) power supply; intelligent networking of prosumers, consumers and storage options via smart grid
  • Integration of the mobility project with existing or new e-mobility solutions to be set up in the district (e.g. mobility islands and/or robo-traces)
  • Optimization of the heat supply through intelligently networked control from the apartment to the house/quarter
  • Creating a climate-friendly option for cooling in the summer months
  • Use of the results from the smart metering to be implemented under measure #14 to monitor and control consumption

To this end, it is planned to create a "micro-test set-up" in the sense of a real-life laboratory that can depict representative realities (not only for Gera) in terms of (technical) equipment and simulation of use (i.e. living and working conditions and expectations).

Specifically: A small number of house entrances in a typical prefabricated housing estate in Gera are to be technically upgraded in such a way that, for example, the effects of photovoltaics or other components from the spectrum of renewable energies in the overall energy supply can be made visible and investigated. As an option, a comparable test arrangement is being considered for a municipal property - here to "capture" the effects of deviating usage behavior. On the basis of these "test arrangement(s)", smart grid software will be (further) developed that standardizes the "representative" conditions and requirements collected and allows sufficient connecting points / interfaces for further developments in deviating areas of application.

Das Logo von SMARTCity Gera.

Project budget

  • 77.500 EUR
    (Status 07.03.2024)