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Implementation phase 2022 - 2026

Sensors and smart metering

Description of measures

Intelligently networked sensors - in combination with structured data platforms - form the information basis for implementing the necessary (digital) processes/measures to optimize urban infrastructures. The areas of application here are diverse. However, a current need is seen in flood prevention (in response to the Gera flood in 2013), energy management or in the city center (e.g. to measure pedestrian flows), to name just a few.

Against this background, the project deals with the following basic topics:

  1. Procurement and installation of suitable sensors
  2. Development, stabilization and, if necessary, expansion of suitable networks for data transmission (mainly LoRaWan)
  3. Preparation of the data in the open data platform set up as a pilot project during the strategy phase (as a side effect of deriving measures to improve the infrastructure, the (meta) data to be collected is made available/published in a standardized, structured form in accordance with INSPIRE guidelines and can thus also be used by other municipalities, institutions, organizations or citizens).
  4. (optional) Data evaluation by the respective departments and derivation/definition of optimizing infrastructure measures (e.g. flood prevention; traffic planning; resource-saving renovations, etc.).

The aim of the measure is to obtain relevant data in application areas to be defined, on the basis of which optimization measures can then be implemented in the areas concerned.

Das Logo von SMARTCity Gera.

Project budget

  • 605.000 EUR
    (Status 07.03.2024)

Profile of measures

Sensors and smart mentering