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Maps of Gera in the GeoPortal

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All official addresses of the city of Gera with information on whether the address is in the broadband expansion area.

Building and urban development

Education, health, social affairs

Only those institutions are listed with contact details that have agreed to publication in the GeoPortal!

Public displays

If this section is empty, there are currently no current public displays.

  • Public displays

    Publication of the current public interpretations including the associated plans and material.


City information

  • Districts

    Districts with number of inhabitants, number of housing units, area and constituency affiliation

  • Tourist places

    Railroad station, library, bath, leisure, church, culture, museum, park, garden, sights, sports, tourist information, city service with contact details

  • Cycling and hiking trails

    Cycling and hiking trails with short descriptions and search for memorial stone, natural monument, rest area, hiking hut, city forest gate, information board, bat detector and much more.

  • Playgrounds

    All public playgrounds with information on area, user group (age group) and the installed play equipment, provided the responsible body has agreed to publication in the GeoPortal.

  • Sports facilities

    Bathroom, sports hall, sports field, stadium, club-owned sports facility with contact details, sports area and directions.


Statistics and Geoinformation Department

Quick guide GeoPortal

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    To help you find your way around, our city mascot Gero will navigate you through the GeoPortal and show you the most important functions.