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Authorized representative

Equal Opportunities Officer

for gender equality and the elimination of gender-based disadvantages and against domestic violence

The Thuringian Equal Opportunities Act defines the tasks of the Equal Opportunities Officer. Among other things, she has:

  • Reduce discrimination on the basis of gender
  • to enforce equal rights for women and men
  • to improve professional development and equal opportunities for women and men
  • to support the compatibility of work and family life and initiatives against unemployment.

They work together with:

  • Women's groups, associations and clubs,
  • women's refuges and shelters,
  • socially important groups for gender equality issues,
  • federal, state and local authorities.

Catrin Heinrich works as Equal Opportunities Officer and Sabine Heiland as Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer at Gera City Council. They are building on the work of their predecessors, who included Dr. Lilia Uslowa, Gusti Dietzsch and Juliane Azendorf.

Equality and equal treatment are among the major social issues of our time. The city administration's equality work is intended to further reduce inequalities and also have a tangible impact on the population.

The Equal Opportunities Officer is also there to:

  • initiate your own measures.
  • to participate in events or training measures.
  • to advise citizens seeking advice on equal opportunities issues.
  • to support measures to promote equal opportunities, to reduce discrimination based on gender, domestic violence, sexualized violence and stalking.
  • to carry out public relations work.

OfficeKornmarkt 12
07545 Gera
Barrier-free accessYes
Tel.0365 838 - 1050