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Migration and integration officer

The City of Gera's Migration and Integration Officer supports the equal participation of people with a history of migration in all areas of social life. She is committed to ensuring that the interests of migrants are taken into account in municipal planning and decisions.

The Migration and Integration Officer, Nicole Landmann, is the contact person for questions relating to integration and migration in the city of Gera. She is committed to ensuring that all citizens live together as partners:

As commissioner, she designs and participates in integration projects and events to promote tolerance and democracy and to reduce discrimination.

She supports ethnic minorities in preserving their cultural identity and the self-organization of migrants.

The Integration Officer acts as an interface between the administration and those involved in integration work. This includes participating in specialist committees, coordinating and leading relevant working groups and networking.

She is also responsible for the evaluation and further development of the overall strategy for municipal integration. 

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Tel.0365 838 - 3019
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